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me - truth AND exaggeration

wouldn't YOU like 2 know which?!

as a woman
as a woman, what attracts me 2 a man is NOT (contrary 2 its popularity) a masculine swagger, verbal or physical bravado, or even a certain prowess with women. i am highly attracted 2 men who r comfortable "in their own skins". an honest, genuine realism about their abilities and flaws is very appealing 2 me. he doesn't have 2 be "GQ material" (i.e., model face, athletically fit, or "sharp" dressed). he just has 2 care about himself, as well as others. he doesn't have 2 "divide and conquer", but should be completely capable of standing up 4 what and who he believes in. needless 2 say, there should actually be things and people that he does believe in. he does not have 2 strongly voice his opinions, but he should be fully able 2 express them, when necessary. he does not have 2 break down in tears, but be utterly capable of emotion (and tears) when the situation calls 4 it. he does not need 2 go out of his way 2 express kindness and compassion, but they definitely should make themselves evident in his observed interactions with others. he does not have 2 be an intense intellectual who constantly contemplates the universe or his place in it, but he should be capable of carrying on a conversation about these topics without adding a lot of "um"s and having his eyes glaze over in confusion. this is "just the tip of the iceberg", as they say, in reference 2 what i find attractive in the male species. mostly bcos what i find attractive is as individual as i am,...and as each man is.